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Awesome score and 8th fucking place in the runner-ups!
Thx guys!


2009-03-27 14:15:05 by mikko-dude

Go see it, stupid!

Merry Christmas NG!

2008-12-24 04:49:09 by mikko-dude

Happy holidays, everyone!!!
I f'n love christmas!!
But I just hate people who keep complaining about christmas being too much buying and shit! And that christmas should be only for sitting quietly and doing nothing fun!
I say, buy tons of stuff and don't think about what these people say! It's of course important to have a peaceful christmas, but it just isn't anything without the stuff! Remember when we didn't know that christmas was so much wasting money? We didn't care! We opened our presents and ate ham and had the best time of our life! I still wanna keep it that way and I think many would agree!
Merry christmas, once again!

I was thinking about getting a drawing tablet for christmas.

So the question is, is it portable with flash 8 or do I need to get the newest version of flash?
This is what i'm thinking about:

Zombieslicer ep 2 is finally out!
Go see it!

If you said no, then bite me!!!!

It used to be easy, but what the hell?


2008-09-22 08:15:23 by mikko-dude


Here's a something I drew:


My plan was to get the Zombieslicer ep 2 ready before the summer ends.
But no, i'm so damn lazy!
Sry people! Althought i'm sure you've already stopped expecting...

Anyways, I also noticed that madness day's coming!
I was thinking about making a flash for the day, but last year I couldnt finish it fast enough(actually I wasnt very far on it :D ) so fuck it, i'm just gonna make a drawing or something!

One more scene and it's done!

2008-07-07 14:08:47 by mikko-dude

Zombieslicer ep 2 is coming up nicely after many many MANY days that could have been used for animating but were used for everything else.
It's only missing ONE scene and the music, but after all that, it will be ready and released right away!
This one has (crappy) voiceacting and is way longer than ep 1.
I have also improved my animating skills so yeah it'll be pretty damn cool
So uhh... yeah... get ready!

Heres a two pics from the movie itself:

One more scene and it's done!

Okay, I've been lazy making the Zombieslicer ep 2. Actually, ive been busy:
Ive got school
Ive got other projects
and I have a bad memory :D
BUT if you havent seen episode 1 yet then go see it!

Heres a little comic I made:

Still making Zombieslicer ep 2